Tourak - Introduction
History and vision:
Tourak travel & tour agency (Company) is established in2015 by authorization license of Iran cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism section paragraph (B) which is allowing us to direct selling of domestic and foreign tours.
The company background history in business is based on 8 years working in Armenia, Malaysia and some other European countries through with our original company (Green Travel Agency).
Now, Tourak Co. to make more understanding, touchable and visible our history and culture left from rich Iranian ancient. And explore new horizon, to find the unseen Iranian history from the beginning of Persians empire civilization, and honor our colleague from every other countries with any traveling tastes, began to operate tours as luxury, historical, safari, and off-road discovery.
Now by relying on our 8 years touring experience through our independent offices in Iran and other countries as mentioned, we are executing tours as of “exhibition tours” so we decided to establish a new company with aggressive and experienced staffs, with demands to begin a strong and shining future, and also to appreciate Iranian kindness and hospitality, and pay tribute to our industry pioneers, discovery of unseen’s and lost historical cultural of Iran
The company has a history of more than 8 years and has head offices in Armenia and Malaysia (Green Travel) as one of the wholesalers Asia is Southeast Asia.
The company's services are as follows:
  • Prepare and Iranian and foreign airlines sell tickets on domestic routes and routes outside Iran Iran
  • For this you can Vsayt or the flight / flight reservations visit.
  • tours and travel and leisure traveler in Iran and other countries of the world
  • special tours for groups, companies, and agencies and organizations for different purposes and with the number and quality of applicants
  • travel services, accommodation, preparation and related Tjhyzamakn, receptions and coordinates for seminars and meetings and training courses in all parts of Iran and in other countries.
  • Exhibition tours Europe / China / Dubai and around the world
  • travel insurance Domestic / International
  • consulting, and pickup obtaining visas
  • Booking of hotels and other places to stay in Iran and other countries of the world
  • rental cars with and without driver model year and foreign
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